Rude Boy and Little Terror strike again in a new painting called HIP HOP. Each painting is an original and a lot of thought goes into trying to design something that will be interesting and quirky for the customers.  Each piece is finished with 2 coats of resin to make the have a mirror type shine.

Rude Boy and his younger brother called Little Terror are always getting into a bit of bother, sometimes bad sometimes good.  Having two younger brothers and two sons so maybe I draw inspiration from things I did as a youngster or with my two children.

Each piece is very different and very unique.    I am working this week on a new Rude Boy painting with just Little Terror and it includes a 5 layer stencil that I have been spray paintings. Hopefully in about a week I will be able to post that on here for you all to see.

I am a self taught artist, always learning new techniques to enhance my ideas for creating different pieces of art.  Hip Hop uses spray paints as well as acrylic paints.  I started using spray paints just last year and like the many different ways that you can use them.

Rude Boy and his gang, including a dog and a besotted wannabe girlfriend hopefully will make people smile and bring quirkiness to my artwork.

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