Penguin Art Kerry Ann Lyons

Penguin Art  Kerry Ann Lyons

Penguin Art by Kerry Ann Lyons.  A couple of beautiful penguins join my series of doodle art animals and birds.  Each have vibrant colours and doodle art all down their backs. What can you spot in the doodle art?  A real talking point when you family and friends come to visit.

Each one of my pieces is an original and each doodle art is totally different for each piece. I work for a publishing company called.

The black high gloss gallery frames are stunning and really set the pieces off with a white slip.  Each piece is 38″x24″ framed size.



I am an Oxfordshire artist and love designing new an interesting pieces of modern art for peoples homes or work places.  These fun and vibrant animals and birds are becoming a real hit if you are looking for a contemporary piece of artwork to purchase.  Each piece is designed to capture the essence of the animal.  I focus on the eyes especially to make sure that you can possibly know what the animal is thinking.   Starting with a grey background to set each piece off.

Use the contact information on my website in the drop down bars to ask me any question you want about my artwork.   They feature is several galleries across the country and seeing them in real life you can take in lots more of the details.  The doodle art part is lots of fun to design and I include things like tea pots, bourbon biscuits and lots of other weird and whacky things for you to spot then you might see something that you hadn’t seen before if you look a few days later.


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