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Molly & Chip

Molly & Chip

Finished these two sweet little Dachshunds, Molly & Chip for my friend to give to her boyfriend’s mother a few weeks ago.  She was delighted with them. Really pleased how they came out. Polychromos coloured pencils on Bristol Board.  We tried a couple of mounts and she decided on the cream one. Just to let you see the different colour though.

I am represented by Image Design Fine Art Publishers in Harrogate.

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits Prices are based on a Bust (Head & Shoulders) portrait of one subject with a simple white or plain coloured background depending on the paper that I think would compliment your pet portrait. Multiple subjects, full body and detailed backgrounds can be done but I will need to speak to you in more detail about this and arrange a bespoke prices.


Eye Studies

(Close up of your pets eyes)

6 x 4 inches £40

Smallest Sizes

(suitable for one pet per portrait)

4 x 6 inches = £40

5 x 7 inches = £50

6 x 8 inches = £60

Standard Sizes

(A Popular Size, allowing for more detail)

 8 x 10 inches = £110

10 x 12 inches  = £130

11 x 14 inches = £150

Larger Sizes

(Perfect for group portraits & detail)

12 x 16 inches = £200

14 x 18 inches = £250

16 x 20 inches = £350

18 x 24 inches = £450

23 x 33 inches = £650


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