sasha, Dog Portrait, Pastels, Pet Portrait, Pets, Dogs.

Sasha – Dog Portrait

 Sasha – Dog Portrait

sasha, Dog Portrait, Pastels, Pet Portrait, Pets, Dogs.

Sasha – Dog Portrait was commissioned as a pastel picture by a lovely lady called Kara for a Christmas present for her husband Richard. Sadly Sasha is no longer with them but from chatting with Kara I can tell she was much loved and now very missed.  I hope that I have done her justice and that they now have something to remember her by.


I am represented by Image Design Fine Art Publishers in Harrogate.

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits Prices are based on a Bust (Head & Shoulders) portrait of one subject with a simple white or plain coloured background depending on the paper that I think would compliment your pet portrait. Multiple subjects, full body and detailed backgrounds can be done but I will need to speak to you in more detail about this and arrange a bespoke prices.


Eye Studies

(Close up of your pets eyes)

6 x 4 inches £40

Smallest Sizes

(suitable for one pet per portrait)

4 x 6 inches = £40

5 x 7 inches = £50

6 x 8 inches = £60

Standard Sizes

(A Popular Size, allowing for more detail)

 8 x 10 inches = £110 

10 x 12 inches  = £130

11 x 14 inches = £150                     

Larger Sizes

(Perfect for group portraits & detail)

12 x 16 inches = £200

14 x 18 inches = £250

16 x 20 inches = £350

18 x 24 inches = £450

23 x 33 inches = £650


I would need to see several photos of your pet to get a good idea of what you would like and complete a good pet portrait for you. The reference photo if possible should be with good detail and clear and several close ups if you have them. This will help me to establish eye colour, reflections in the eyes, whiskers and any quirky features that your pet has.  I know this isn’t always possible as some pets have passed away and there are only limited photos. If this is the case I will strive my best to capture your beloved pet to the best possible standard that I can.

If you are local to me I can come and take some photos and use those, we can select one that we think your going to like.




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