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Sheep Paintings

Sheep Paintings

Sheep paintings by the artist Kerry Ann Lyons, Oxfordshire based artist. I first started getting interested in art when I discovered an art book with portraits in my mum had drawn.

I started designing my quirky sheep about a year ago so that they would be very quirky and people could relate to them and make them laugh. The first four originals were all in pastel and are framed in beautiful gallery white frames. 

Tavistock Picture Framing Gallery, Chequers Gallery in Blackpool and https://paisleypicturegallery.co.uk

Pastels are very difficult to work with even though the colours are very vivid.  I swapped to using Acrylic on Board for my sheep as I loved the fast drying times on heavy body acrylics and found that I could achieve a similar colourful outcome.  I enjoy coming up with different scenarios for the sheep to be in.  Sometimes I wake up at night dreaming of new ideas. 

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