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Are we there YET !!
  • Available from Chequers Gallery, Church St, Blackpool FY1 3NX    (01253 628766) speak to Jonathan Lucas.
  • https://chequersartgallery.wordpress.com
  • Paintings in Series : Moonlight & Marshmallows, Race to the Top, Ready Set Go, Hide and Seek, Accidental Flight, My Turn, What a SpectacleHow Many Hills, Cupid’s Arrow
  • Oxfordshire artist, Kerry Lyons was first introduced to art at a young age when found a book with portraits in that her mother had drawn.
  • Medium : Original Pastel artwork
  • ‘Wait for Us !’  comes with a Full Certification
  • Wait for us is a pastel piece with the sheep taking a holiday and all cramming into a Volkswagen Campervan. They are all squashed into the van and the one in the very back has lost half of its wool.  Its wool is going out of the campervan window and into a dye machine at the back and coming out coloured.  It travels to the top and a sheep in a deckchair who is knitting it into a beautiful scarf. 
  • Kerry is a totally self-taught artist, learning techniques and styles over the years and constantly practising with various media, finding what style works for her but always trying to increase her knowledge in art.  Her love for animals and nature reflects in her work, I hope that you enjoy my Quirky Sheep Series.

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